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November 14th, 2010

Just set up a new office in the new house.  I am thrilled to run a speedtest on the cable service and get over 20 mg down and 5 up!  Kelli is in her office next door and is up and running for a few days now.  Seems stable. No drops.  I will keep you posted.  From a home where we fought Cox for the whole 5 1/2 years, this could be REAL GOOD!

Ok, started this 3 nights ago.  Seems like much longer.  I have been working from dawn til dusk for weeks now.  I had to go to Oakland just to get nights off!  Meanwhile, Kelli has been hard at it for as long with no breaks.  I need to figure out some way to give her a mini vacation.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

In the meantime, lots more to do to get this place dialed in.  Our bedroom, and both offices have concrete floors and the master bath is plumbing sticking out of the wall.  Nice because its a fresh palette.

Well, off to do a closet shelf for Hannah.  Have a great Sunday everyone!


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