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October 23rd, 2010

We have been focused on getting our new home ready to move into.  It is in a fantastic neighborhood and is a lovely house.  Needs work is an understatement.  Plenty of things to get done before we can live easily and comfortably.  Safety is also an issue with a pool that wont hold water, and is a deep hole in the ground, easy for Hannah to fall into and get hurt.  Even the bougainvillea was a giant that needed cutting down and now there are thorny branches all over the yard that will probably take weeks to get all cleaned up.  The yard will have to wait until we are living in the home and have the inside pretty much completed.  I can foresee a long time before the work is really done, however it will (and has been) a labor of love.  This is a home worth the effort because it will be somewhere Kelli and I can raise Hannah and do our businesses in comfort and style.  Why is November 1st coming so quickly?  Seems like it was a month away only yesterday…


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