Depression and Meditation

September 30th, 2010

From personal experience I have undergone changes in my thinking in both depression and meditation..  I recognized that the agony of mental change through depression led me to a new understanding about myself, life, my place in it, etc.  After learning to meditate in ‘89 I realized that it is a much less painful way to the same new insights and understandings.  Not only less painful, but WAY faster!  I have also had the privilege of observing the same phenomenon in others.   Helping them go from depression to meditation and a sense of peace was truly a gift.  I am very excited about giving this blessing to as many people as I can!

I am actively asking your help.  I implore you to repost, link, status updates and/or tweet this to everyone you know in the hope that someone undergoing inner conflict, turmoil or depression may find this and be helped.  Let’s make the world a happier place together!

Thanks :-)


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One comment on “Depression and Meditation”

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    I believe that your work is valuable. Knowing you, I think I have an idea where your heart is coming from. However where depression is concerned I don’t see meditation as a pancea for peace of mind. I believe that you have to be open to it and the discipline to make it practice. It can be difficult for those of us who are ready, willing, able. I also think that there are those individuals who have a predilection for depression and find some sense of identity in being victim.

    That being said, if you are able to help one or a thousand…your work is a blessing.

    Patty at October 13th, 2010 around 7:04 am
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